More on our top 3 exclusive original Real Madrid licensed wallets


If you a looking for some great leather wallets that you can use to showcase your love for Real Madrid in a simple but amazing way, Premiums FC has your back covered. We have a classic and lovely collection of wallets that are officially licensed and hold the logo of the world’s best football club, Real Madrid CF. If you want to know more about our wallet models, then read on.

  1. Leather Wallet with Card Holder (Black)




If you are looking for a great wallet that you can use for storing and safekeeping your valuables in the most amazing way ever, then this particular leather wallet is for you. As all other products, this particular wallet was made using 100% original European leather and yes it was handmade which means a lot of care was put into making it a masterpiece. Apart from that, it comes with a total of 8 compartments that will enable you to store all your valuables without having to ever worry about space. It’s also designed to conveniently fit in your pocket.




  1. Leather Wallet with Card Holder (Brown)cartera_tarjetero_marrón_real_madrid

Just like the above, this wallet was made using original European Leather that can be correctly classed as Premium Quality. The wallet comes with a total of 8 Compartments and it’s dimensions are 11 by 1.3 cm. The wallet’s card holder is also made to match the wallet the only difference being that the cardholder is thinner than the wallet. The holder has a total of four compartments to store your valuable cards such as bank and identity cards. If you have a loved one who is passionate about Madrid, then this wallet is the perfect gift for them.


  1. Leather Wallet and Card Holder (Camel)




Another great gift for a loved one who is obsessed with real madrid. As usual, the leather used for making this masterpiece is 100% genuine Premium quality leather sourced from Europe. The camel color gives this wallet a classic look that makes it ideal for Classic men. As the other wallets, the wallet comes with 8 compartments you can use for storing your valuables and the matching card holder adds an additional four compartments to the mix. It is also conveniently sized to perfectly fit your pocket.





Here are the top three. If you want more, feel free to visit our wallets pages, I’m sure you will see a lot of many other gems that will definitely capture your heart.

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